Sunday, March 12, 2006

Flatland The Movie production

My current film project is an animated film titled FLATLAND. You might be familiar with the book, a cult sci-fi classic written by Edwin A. Abbott in 1884. It's a unique novella that deals with mathematics, theology, social satire, and our perceptions of reality.

The story is set in a world of only two dimensions, where the protagonist, a humble square, receives a visit from a three-dimensional sphere. To the square, and Flatlanders, the notion of "height" and a third dimension seems as incomprehensible as it is obvious to the sphere.

I've been working with producer Seth Caplan and animator Dano Johnson to write an adaptation of the book for film. The last time someone made a film of Flatland was in 1965, a 10-minute short, starring the voice of Dudley Moore.

The script is nearly done. We've created a very rough concept teaser for the movie on the website, and now begins the casting process. I'd love to get some talented and recognized actors on board to play the voices of our characters. The project is a labor of love that is self-funded, but we plan to at least try and see if the script garners the interest of some Hollywood talent.

Our plan is to create this as movie that will help kids and adults be inspired to think about other dimensions. That I'm just a sucker for original concepts and sci-fi, both of which you wil find in Flatland.


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